The Office of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania is a government agency, which participates in the shaping of national policy in the field of management and use of documents and archives, as well as implements this policy, supports the Chief Archivist of Lithuania in the carrying-out of state administration of the field of documents and archives.




Archival building in Vilnius reopened on International Archives Day


Renovated archival building was reopened in Vilnius, Mindaugas st. 8, on International Archives day. Lithuanian State Historical Archives and The Office of Chief Archivist of Lithuania will be located in this building. Members of archivist society, politicians, members of memory institutions and academics participated in opening ceremony. Lithuanian archivists are confident that this historical building with educational and exhibition areas and modern reading rooms, will be another attraction in the center of Vilnius. Lithuanian State Historical Archives eagerly awaits visitors from Monday.


The president of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė sent her greeting to all archivist in which outlined the importance of archives, which can help each person to find its ancestors and roots. Her greeting was read by chief advisor Rūta Kačkutė.

The minister of Culture Liana Ruokytė-Jonsson wished archivists to continue with its mission to preserve the foundation of our culture – authentic documents.

Foreign minister Linas Linkevičius presented Lithuanian archivists with special gift from Federal Foreign Office Political Archive of Germany. He brought 52 digitized cases of documents among which digitized copy of Act of Reinstating Independence of Lithuania (Act of February 16th), recently discovered in Archives. L. Linkevičius said, that it was a triple celebration to Lithuanian archivists: International Archives day, opening of the archival building and arrival of digital copies of documents from Germany.


The director of Polish Archives Wojciech Woźniak also participated in event. He greeted Lithuanian colleagues and outlined that creating proper conditions to preserve documents must be a priority. W. Woźniak also hoped, that building will serve to its visitors for many years to come.

At the end of the event Chief archivist of Lithuania Ramojus Kraujelis thanked to all who came and invited everyone to research documents preserved in Lithuanian State Historical archives in new modern reading rooms and rediscover it. The director of Lithuanian State Historical Archives Virginija Čijunskienė and deputy director Alfonsas tamulynas were happy about new building that archivists can call home and thanked to Archives‘ employees for doing a great job during the relocation of documents.


Archival building on Mindaugo St. 8, Vilnius

In the beginning of XX c. the land, on which Archival building later was bult, belonged to merchant Ovsiej Bunimovič. The land was sold to Eaustachij and Emily Vrublevski fellowship of academic sponsorship in 1915. In 1929 fellowship gave away the land with unfinished building to Ministry of Religions and Public Education of Poland which decided to build archival building.

History of the building originates in 1926, in the then J. Slovackis streets, as namely on this year a design of the building specially intended for archives was prepared by the Design Bureau of the County Public Works Directorate under Vilnius Voivodeship Board (Wilenski urząd wojewodzki, Okrągowa Dyrekcja Robot Publicznych, Biuro Konstrukcyjne).

On completing constructions in 1934, Vilnius Regional State Archives, also books of the ancient acts were moved into the building from the University of Vilnius. It is important to mention that in 1940 the building of the State Archives was nationalised, and during World War II it remained comparatively unscathed.

During the Soviet occupation, the building was used for storing the oldest and most valuable documents of our history. After a great number of rearrangements during the Soviet period, the Central State Archives of the Lithuanian SSR operated here, and the divisions of these archives also gave rise and in 1957-1968, on their basis the State Historical Archive, the State Film – Photo-Document archives, the State Archive of Literature and Art were established.

In 1960, premises of the archives building on Mindaugo str. 8 were re-designed and repaired. At the beginning of the ninth decade, in Vilnius, Antakalnis, on O. Milašius str., a town of archives started to spring up. Documents were stored there, whereas in the building on Mindaugo str. 8, the Lithuanian Archives General Directorate operated further, and since 1993, the newly established Lithuanian State Archives has been operational.

During two decades of independence of Lithuania, upon increase in the number of documents accumulated in state institutions and organisations, space in the depositories of the state archives became insufficient, therefore a decision was taken to reconstruct the complex of archives by expanding the floor area of depositories and building an addition to them in the yard. In 2008, the author of the technical design of reconstruction prepared by Šiltas Namas UAB is Elena Nijolė Bučiūtė.

Implementation of the design (general contractor – Kaminta UAB) was finished in 2016, whereas already in 2017, the Office of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania and the Lithuanian State Historical Archives came back into the renovated building. Thus, the building again serves the needs of archives.

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