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FBIH Archives: “Srebrenica inferno” in Lithuania


The event marking the Days of Srebrenica was held in Lithuania on September 15, with an exhibition entitled “Srebrenica Inferno”.

Each year the Archives of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina organizes abroad the event Days of Srebrenica, and this year during the three days of the event, inhabitants of Vilnius and the whole of Lithuania will be able to learn about the horrors of genocide when Serb troops led by General Ratko Mladić killed in just a few days 8,372 Bosniaks of Srebrenica.

Director of the Lithuanian Archives Ramojus Kraujelis and Director of the Archives of the Federation of BiH Adamir Jerković agreed that the international exhibition “Srebrenica Inferno” is set in Vilnius at the Peace Park Memorial Complex Tuskulenai and to organizeit together with the Research Center for genocide and resistance, a government institution engaged in research of persecution of local residents.

The exhibition of the Archives of the Federation of BiH has so far visited numerous world capitals: Cairo, Ankara, Berlin, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Munich, Frankfurt, Istanbul and others.

After Vilnius, the exhibition will be set next month in Moldova and in Georgia.

The intent of the Archives of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina was to put this exhibition on July 11 in Belgrade, but the “Women in Black” association was unable to guarantee that they would be able to host it, given that, as they highlighted “we are continuously facing serious problems in connection with the marking of the Srebrenica genocide”, said the press service of the Archives of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Exhibition was at the Memorial Complex of the Tuskulėnai Peace Park till 17th of September.




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