The Office of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania is a government agency, which participates in the shaping of national policy in the field of management and use of documents and archives, as well as implements this policy, supports the Chief Archivist of Lithuania in the carrying-out of state administration of the field of documents and archives.




Meeting of the Baltic archives 2017


Traditional meeting of Baltic archives took place in Palanga, Lithuania on May 31st – June 2nd, 2017. Guests from Poland and Norway also participated in this event. This year topic “Archives – modern, smart, open”.

The Chief Archivist of Lithuania Ramojus Kraujelis started the meeting by greeting participants. During the first session of presentations Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian and Polish Archives representatives introduced new archival buildings projects, finished archival buildings modernization projects and future plans concerning infrastructure.

The second session started with presentation by Estonian representative Koit Saarevet who presented Estonian system of Digital preservation and challenges that occurs. Latvian representative described the problem of specialists working with documents in German language qualifications. Guest from Norway, Bendik Bryde, from company “Piql AS” presented new opportunity to preserve digital documents in Norway island of Svalbard, to prevent the loss of information during nature disasters, war or cyberattacks.

During the third session of presentations concerned archive cooperation, public involvement and the role of archivist in 21st century. Estonian archivist Sven Lepa presented the project “Co:op” during which pupils are encouraged to spent time in the archive. Inese Kalniņa from Latvian National Archives presented digitalization of the Archives of the Latvian Documentation Centre in UK.

The last event of the meeting took place in Klaipėda regional state Archives. Participants were aquanted with the former bank building that became archival building of Klaipėda regional state Archive. You can download all presentations of meeting here.  Next meeting of Baltic Archives will be held in Estonia in 2019.




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