Jews in Kaunas guberniya



1. Map of Kaunas guberniya. 1883.

2. Plan of Pandėlys – typical small town, where the majority of residents were Jewish. 1889.

3. List of real estate owners of Pandėlys. 1889.


Regulation of the status and taxation of the Jewish population

4. Statute for the abolition of the Jewish kahals and subordination of the Jews to local municipalities. Fragment of the document. December 19, 1844.

5. List of Kaunas guberniya Jewish communities, formed after the abolition of kahals in 1844.

6. Statute for the Jewish farmers. Fragment of the document. December 26, 1844.

7. Statute for the collection of box tax. Fragment of the document. December 19, 1844.

8. Regulations of the collection of candle tax. Fragment of the document. 1845.

9. A letter of the governor of Kaunas guberniya concerning taxation of wearing traditional Jewish outfit. Fragment of the document. March 12, 1845.

10. A decree on taxation of wearing jarmulke. 1848.

11. Letter of Vilnius gover-general to Kaunas governor about the project of distribution of the Jews into categories of „useful“ and „useless“. 1845.


Statistics of the Jewish population.
Revision, family and tax payers lists

12. Distribution of Kaunas guberniya population according to religious denomination (data of 1897 census).

13. Distribution of Kaunas guberniya population according to religious denomination. 1901.

14. Statistics of Kaunas guberniya Jewish prayer houses and clergy. 1888.

15. Revision list of Kaunas kahal. 1816.

16. Revision list of Vilijampole kahal. Fragment of the document. 1834.

17. Kėdainiai kahal taxpayers list. Fragment of the document. 1840.

18. Family lists of Kėdainiai Jewish community. 1874.

19. Panevėžys box taxpayers list. Fragment of the document. 1892.

20. Laižuva box taxpayers list. Fragment of the document. 1892.


Jewish farmers

21. Petition of Šiauliai Jews to Kaunas governor regarding relocation to Kherson guberniya. 1845.

22. Roll of Jews willing to become farmers on state land in Kaunas guberniya. Fragment of the document. 1845.

23. List of the Jewish farmers of Baltmiškis estate in Raseiniai county. 1860.

24. Petition of Seredžius town dweller R.Barov to Kaunas governor regarding the extension of the term of eviction from Pagausantis estate. 1912.


Military service

25. Recruitment list of Kėdainiai district. Fragment of the document. 1868.

26. Complaint of Kėdainiai town dweller Zakhariya Blumberg regarding unlawful conscription of his son Shimel. 1850.

27. Certificates issued to Jewish conscripts: M. Brener from Kavarskas, O. Smidt from Anyksciai, E. Port from Ukmergė, B. Margolis from Svėdasai, C. Muler from Anyksciai, Ch. Gelman from Anyksciai, L. Likhtenstein from Ukmerge. 1911–1915.

28. Passport of Ovsey Ber Kagan, member of Akmenė Jewish community in Šiauliai county. 1914.


 Educational and professional activities

29. Report of the director of elementary schools of Kaunas guberniya to the governor regarding the detection of a clandestine school ran by Leizer Brauer in Pakruojis. 1893.

30. Melameds’ certificates of Z. Lubocky from Vidzi, I. Berman from Salakas, I. Zak from Anyksciai, S. Vain from Plunge, I. Damsky and K. Fisher from Vilijampole, I. Gordon from Jonava. 1903–1914.

31. Certificate of a merchant of the 3rd guild issued to Rocha Merkeliova. 1852.

32. Certificate issued by Kaunas Jewish hospital to Girsh Rozenblat confirming his qualification. 1852.

33. Certificate of a pharmacist issued to Rafail Zalkind.

34. Certificate of a qualified furrier issued to the member of Židikai Jewish community Girsh Pres. 1878.

35. Application of Rozalya Shatenshtein to open a bookstore. 1878.

36. Certificate of a qualified amber jeweller issued to the member of Kretinga Jewish community Iosel Shukhet. 1883.

37. Letter of consent given by paramedic Eliash Alterman to his wife Gitlia to practice midwifery. 1886.

38. Abel Lapin’s diploma of a doctor of medicine from Tartu University. 1893.

39. Debora Frumkin’s certificate of a pharmacist’s apprentice. 1910.

40. Shifra Rabinovich’s diploma of a doctor of medicine from Lausanne University. 1912.


Foundation and activities of  social organizations

41. Minutes of the meeting of the founders of the Orphanage of Rabbi I. E. Spector. 1904.

42. Application for the registration of “Bureau of Information for Jewish Emigrants“. 1907.

43. Report of the chief of police of Kaunas to the governor about the activities of the Society for spreading education among the Jews in Kaunas. 1910.

44. Statute of Tauragė Needy and Ailing Jews Relief Society. Fragment of the document. 1909.

45. Application for the registration of the Kaunas division of the Society of the Lovers of the Jewish Language. 1911.

46. Decision to register Šiauliai Jewish Music, Drama and Singing Society „Gazomir“. 1912.


Building of synagogues and prayer houses

47. Project of Taurage prayer school. 1857.

48. Project of Telšiai prayer school. 1861.

49. Project of M. Hausman’s prayer house in Kaunas. 1865.

50. Project of Skuodas prayer school. 1867.

51. Project of Kaunas Choral synagogue. 1872.

52. Project of the fence and gates of Kaunas Choral Synagogue. 1893.

53. Project of Plungė synagogue. 1873.

54. Project of Zarasai synagogue. 1895.

55. Project of Ariogala synagogue. 1902.

56. Decision of Ariogala Jewish community to finance the repairs of the synagogue with box tax money. 1902.

57. Fragment of the project of Ylakiai prayer school. 1914.

58. Fragment of the project of Ylakiai prayer school. 1914.