The Office of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania is a government agency, which participates in the shaping of national policy in the field of management and use of documents and archives, as well as implements this policy, supports the Chief Archivist of Lithuania in the carrying-out of state administration of the field of documents and archives.



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Klaipėda Regional State Archives



Mailing address:

Naujoji Uosto 16, LT-92122 Klaipėda, Lithuania


Telephone: +370 46 31 45 65

E-mail: [email protected]



Mr. Edmundas Bareiša


      Preserves documents of regional state, municipal, non-state institutions, enterprises and individuals of the Klaipėda, Tauragė, and Telšiai counties 1944 until the present day. Some records date 1940-1941. Archives is also involved in supervision of records management of local public institutions.


The Klaipėda Regional State Archives comprise several sets of documents that occupy approximately 7 200 linear metres of shelving space:

  • Documents relating to the period of the Republic of Lithuania (1924–1931, and 1939): photographic documents pertaining to the Port of Klaipėda including the fonds of the Commercial Seaport of Klaipėda, Tauragė Branch of the Agricultural Bank, agricultural credit unions and Tauragė Town Board;
  • Documents relating to the Soviet occupation period (1944–1990): documents of local government and state institutions, notary offices, institutions of justice, planning, statistics, finance, construction, transport, trade, health care, teaching and education, culture; also collective farms and state farms, industrial enterprises, public and other types of institutions that were functioning on the Klaipėda, Tauragė and Telšiai counties;
  • Documents relating to the period of Independence (since 1990): archival fonds of institutions of the restored Republic of Lithuania. Documents created by the state and self-government institutions, offices and industrial enterprises that were and still are functioning on the Klaipėda, Tauragė and Telšiai counties;

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