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Archivists in Lithuania celebrate International Archives Day


The community of Lithuanian archivists invites everyone to celebrate International Archives Day on the 9th of June.

Life itself prompted the topic for this year's international archives Day. Seeing how often our shared memory becomes a target of manipulation, the community of archivists encourages us to re-evaluate our relationship with collective memory and to remember the events when we had to fight for the right to preserve memories.

This year's selected photo captures the largest protest against KGB in 1990. The Lithuanian Reorganization Movement („Sąjūdis“) organized a protest against the destruction and transportation of the KGB archives in January. The aim was to prevent the destruction of the files stored in the KGB building or their export from Lithuania.

Every year the State Archives of Lithuania contribute to the events organized by the International Council on Archives (ICA). This year ICA celebrates its 75th anniversary, so the planned activities aim to bring together different voices to discuss the future and vision of the ICA and further contribution to the international professional network.

More news about events of international archives week:

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