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Exhibition “NOSTRA VILNA: The First Image of Vilnius” was opened in Vilnius


Exhibition “NOSTRA VILNA: first picture of Vilnius” was opened in Vilnius picture gallery on January 25th. It is the second part of part of exhibition cycle dedicated to 700th anniversary of Vilnius. Exhibition was organized by Lithuanian Art museum, The Office of Chief Archivist of Lithuania and Lithuanian State Historical archives.

A unique fragment of map, that depicts the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius, is exhibited in the exhibition. This peace of map is preserved and was discovered in Archives of the Republic of Slovenia in Ljubljana. Archives of the Republic of Slovenia kindly agreed to lend the document to Lithuania and contributed to Vilnius 700th year anniversary celebration.

It is the earliest known image of Vilnius. This unique iconographic, historical document is equivalent to the Quedlinburg chronicles where Lithuania was first mentioned in 1009 and the letter of January 25th, 1323, by Lithuanian grand duke Gediminas where Vilnius is mentioned for the first time.

Deputy director of Archives of the Republic of Slovenia Andrej Nared brought this exquisite document to Lithuania. He was among guests of honor with Lithuanian minister of culture and mayor of Vilnius during the opening ceremony and gave a speech.

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