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Lithuanian jews rescuers: Ruzgys family


During the Second World War, Lithuanian society suffered a lot of tragedies and losses. One of the biggest was Jewish genocide.  A large Jewish community, for centuries living in Lithuania, was almost completely destroyed during the Nazi occupation. Despite the repression of the Nazis, there were many good will people in Lithuania who, at the risk of their and their relatives’ freedom and lives, saved Jews from death: sheltered, guarded, cared for Jews survival. There were more than 2,300 families, who rescued about 3,000 Jews in Lithuania. The family of Jonas and Stasė Ruzgys, despite the difficult conditions of occupation, found the strength and courage to help and save Jews from death.

In commemoration of The National Memorial Day for the Genocide of Lithuanian Jews, the Lithuanian Special Archives prepared the exhibition about the sacrifice and courage of Lithuanian family Jonas and Stasė Ruzgiai, who, during World War II, helped condemned to death Jews to survive. The exhibition contains photographs and documents stored in the Lithuanian Special Archives, the Central State Archives of Lithuania, the State Vilnius Gaon Jewish Museum.


Virtual exhibition curated by Lithuanian Special Archives Lithuanian Communist Party Documents Division Advisor Dorota Mordas 


Visit the exhibition.



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